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tv   9 News Now at 6am  CBS  November 17, 2010 6:00am-7:00am EST

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for this wednesday. 50 in the mountains, temperatures 62 at noon. dropping back from hoig of 64 to 61 at 5:00 p.m. we are looking at radar showing big storms at 1:00, coming through the metro. clarksville, column bee ahe will cot city. going to the 60s lairter on. angie goff, over to you. good morning. main roads checking out okay. we have some storm damage we are waking up to this morning. yellow light, moderate conditions are in the district and maryland and virginia. we want to begin in virginia, 267 eastbound, overpass repairs going on at wolf trap. you will lose two right lanes through the morning rush.
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also losebula road. use hunter mill or trap road as an alternate route this morning. in northwest d.c., downed trees taking away massachusetts avenue between 34th street and 34th place. in northeast d.c., losing rhode island because of same situation between 4th and 12th. take it next to arlington. more storm damage, more trees in roadway, taking away north george mason drive between 16th and mason boulevard. potomac, similar conditions. northbound river road closed at persimmon tree. and maryland 197 at old laurel buoys road. in the next report at 6:12, a look at the drive on 270. back to you. 6:01. let's look at some of the stories happening later today. we are going to get a look at the metro of the future. council of governments will release its report on
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recommendations on improving the transit agency. board of trade was also voched in that -- involved in that report. plan to work on downtown maryland begins tonight. alaska senator lisa murkowski headed back to her home state, going to address supporters as the light votes are counted in the election. she has 10,000 vote lead over tea party backed candidate, joe miller. a lot of people talking about that line of storms that plowed through the area overnight. >> about 30,000 customers without power across the region. a story new this morning. kristin fisher live in brentwood area of northeast washington where damage is obvious. what's going on now, kristin? >> reporter: lots and lots of cleanup. in this parking lot, you will find tons of debris. right at my feet, i picked up these two pieces of debris
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that's just kind of just some of the stuff you find out here in the parking lot. that's on the ground. check up in the trees. you will find debris like this everywhere. that's just minimal compared to a lot of cleanup having to take place today. i have good news to report quick. take a look here, this is rhode island avenue. you will see there's lots of power crews at work trying to restore power. get power poles back up and running and in place. rhode island was shut down most of the morning. you can see the inbound lanes are back open. that's good news. now let's talk about damage. take a look at video shot earlier this morning. you can see just exactly how extensive damage is. we are talking about trees down. snapped in half. several roofs blown off a home here. part of the aj wright building, that has been blown off. also hearing that the d.c.
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department of homeland security is reporting that the post office in brentwood is suffering from severe structural collapse. also hearing reports of possibly partially evacuated last night. really, that's what we are dealing with this morning. we've been chatting with police officers and fire officials as they were to get all of this cleared out of the way. many wonder if a tornado hit, was it a micro burst. as of now, no way to confirm that. national weather service says it is too premature for those kinds of things to make a determination if it was a tornado. there was certainly a lot of damage and heavy winds. cleanup will continue for some time. back to you. >> thank you very much for that update. dozens of homes in beltway are destroyed or damaged after
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the same storm system moved in. this is in the parkville area right on the line with beltway county. winds last night reported near 80 miles per hour. emergency teams expect to be on scene all day. in other news, jury dlikses begin today in murder trial of ingmar guandique. >> the man charged in the murder of chandra levy. >> jury of nine women, three men, listened to closing arguments tuesday. prosecutors admit they don't know how she died, but they believe he killed her. the defense says there's too much reasonable doubt to convict him. a lot of evidence is circumstantial which in many cases juries don't like. >> they don't like these kind of cases, they want hard evidence, pictures, dna, fingerp evidence, pictures, dna, fingerp rints. >> the verdict will not be the last word on the case.
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gary con dit, former congressman that had an affair with leave ee writing a book on the case. u.s. district court in greenville, maryland busy again today. some people indicted in prince georges county corruption probe have detention hearings there this afternoon. this week, three police officers were among six people indicted. they are accused of selling and transporting untaxed liquor and cigarettes. last week, county executive jack johnson and his wife were arrested, accused of hiding bribes. incoming executive has not been outspoken. dairk dairk gave him another chance on the news at 11:00 last night. >> it is unfortunate what happened. there are opportunities in prince georges county and as the incoming county executive, what i want to make sure is that we put a government together that's as good as the people deserve in prince georges county. and that's a great government. that's what they will get from
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baker administration. classes resume at largo high school. students sent home early tuesday because of strong smell of gas inside the school. inside, officials are not sure of the source of the fumes. 6:07. a special your money report. >> jessica looking at the future of television this morning. exciting. >> good stuff. 3-d the big thing in television now. electronics business is pushing this technology this holiday season. but is it worth that high price tag? we take a look. >> reporter: it takes a lot for new technology to impress this group of tv vets. with over 100 years of television experience between them. but the new 3-d technology on the market for this holiday shopping season did impress. >> we were all looking at it. only thing we want to do now is watch nfl on it.
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>> reporter: dr. frank, an lg consultant gave us a course in 3-d 101. >> the camera has two cameras same distance our eyes are. records information, movies, films like we see it in real life. glasses match and synch to screen. >> reporter: glasses hold the image together creating that experience. but you need two sets of the glasses, one for the home entertainment system and another for going to the movies. for now, they use different technology. and tv glasses can be brand specific. >> you hear 3-d. you can also do 2-d. >> it is still a 2-d television. 80% is in 2-d. if you want 20 watch 3-d, you hit a button on
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the row moult. you can -- remote. you can almost touch it. >> some think it is a gimmick. what do you think? >> it is entertainment to the next level. notching things up. >> reporter: no argument from this fan. howard needs more convincing. >> have to get to know it more. it is different. >> oh, oh! >> oh, wow. >> now, you shouldn't pay full price for that new experience. retail price for that 47-inch tv, glasses, blue ray player, that's going to set you back about $4,000. but with a few minutes of online shopping, we were able to save over a thousand dollars on that package. >> all remember when plasma screens came out, lcd the same thing, wait a year, look at half the price. >> i tried out the glasses. i can see why people will be excited to have it. it is amazing. >> it is remarkable.
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>> i haven't tried it yet. >> he says in the piece, it is so different from the movie experience. you go to the movie, get the glasses on, you get the headache. it is kind of cool but you say to yourself it is gimmick ee. this is remarkable, i have to say. >> have to check it out. haven't seen it yet. well, we told you about this moments after news broke yesterday morning. now we have seen the ring to prove it. >> prins william and his girlfriend kate middleton are engaged. have been engaged about a month, but managed to keep it secret. he popped a question when they were on vacation in kenya. kate's ring is the one his mother received when she became engaged to prince charles nearly 30 years ago. >> i thought it was quite nice. obviously she is not around to share the fun annex assignment of this. this is my way of keeping her close to it all. >> better have a look at it, what kind of ring is it. are you an expert? >> i am not an expert.
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it is a satisfy ire with some diamonds. >> a big satisfy ire with some diamonds. engaged at the home of an exgirl friend who is still a friend. >> no kigd. 6:11. this is what's ahead in this hour. >> a local hero from last year's shooting rampage at fort hood. what he did and what his number one priority is now. big honors for a new car. 6:35, which model is motor trend car of the year. up next, after the overnight storms, what's ahead for today. howard has the weather first in about 90 seconds. keep it here. ñúñú
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weather first with howard bernstein. >> 6:13. storms are done. a couple of sprinkles left in howard and montgomery county moving towards beltway. sun comes back. wind advisory 9:00. mid # 50s at 9:00, low 60s at noon. topping off around 64. angie has time saver traffic. >> a live look at conditions on 270 southbound. slowing down now from father hurl ee towards montrose. no incidents to report on this roadway. not the case coming up in the next traffic report. we will have a look at an noop accident at 619. new york congressman charlie rangal has to wait until tomorrow to learn his punishment. >> his colleagues decide his fate for violating ethics
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rules. one of the stories making news at 6:13. 8 house members, four republicans, four democrats, found rangal guilty of violating ethics rules on finances and fund-raising on 11 counts. they are not expected to remove him from office. a pennsylvania man pleads guilty to making threats against congressman eric can tore. he threatened to shoot him in youtube videos posted. he will be sentenced february. former vice president dick cheney. look at him, making headlines for his new thinner look. a spokesperson says the weight loss came following heart surgery last summer. he spoke at the ground breaking yesterday for george w. bush's library in texas. daniel butler a bona fide hero. >> when a gunman opened fire at for the fort hood. he ran in to rescue people pinned down. now he is left to make sense of it all. >> he says there are no regrets, plenty of questions.
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>> i mean when you're a medic, you think about could i have done something faster. maybe if i ran up there faster, maybe if i didn't stop behind the electrical box. >> reporter: this army specialist knows there's little more he could have done november 5th when he braved a hail of bullets from major nidal malik hasan to pull wounded soldiers to safety. still, a year later, safe at home, moving on is hard. >> so many people were hurt. not just the people that died, but people that are all affected by this. every single one has a family. and it just hurts. >> reporter: ironically, butler came to fort hood on his way out of the military. after 15 months in iraq, he has post traumatic stress disorder. >> my truck got blown up a couple times, ieds, things a medic goes through. treating people. losing friends. treating casualties and seeing bad things. >> reporter: this he says was even worse.
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>> when you are in iraq, you expect that to happen. that's why we wear bulletproof vests and helmets, have guns. when you're at home, you think you're safe. >> reporter: while daniel may have trouble coming to terms with that day, his mom, trish butler, is proud almost beyond words. her e-mail brought us this story. >> i am honored by his brief reand courage. what mother thinks her child will risk his life to save another person. i don't think you can do better than that as a parent. >> reporter: and it is being a parent that might be his salvation. >> my son, my number one priority, taking care of my son. >> reporter: does that help you? >> it does. my buddy. gives me someone to talk to, hang out with. >> reporter: and something else to think about. >> unbelievable. >> his sacrifice, unbelievable. in a time of need.
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weather wise, calm after the storm. calm before more winds move in. kind of a windy day. last night, gusts 54, measured at national airport. 5859 johns johns hopkins lab. a lot of wind and damage all over. starting in fairfax, arlington. damage there. montgomery, district, prince georges county and even beltway. get you going with moms like me bus stop forecast. not bad. we have clear skies out here. partly sunny. breezy. temperatures in 50s. sun comes up here at 6:53. setting at 4:53 later today. day planner on this wednesday. windy, temperatures in mid-50s by 9:00. low 60s at noon. low to mid-60s at 3:00. the high for the day around 64. by 6:00, back in the 50s. west winds, 15, 20 miles per hour. that's the sustained winds with gusts 30 to 40, maybe 50 in the
6:18 am
mountains. seen gusts in oakland over 40 miles per hour. big storms last night. 1:05, bowing out, signature of severe wind gusts that came through the region. this morning, other than sprinkles in montgomery, howard, carroll county, beltway county, all quiet. 56 at national. winds south, southwest at 14. they will be increasing in the next few hours. national weather service issued wind advisory for everybody except southern maryland and those to the south from 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. sustained winds to 50, gusts 40 to 50. thanks to the big storm. on this system here in kansas,
6:19 am
we look at that tomorrow, bringing increased clouds and maybe a sprinkle. next three days, 64 today. windy, 55 tomorrow. slight chance of a shower. partly to mostly cloudy. sunny, chilly friday. highs only in low 50s. friday night is another brisk night for playoff games. saturday, good-looking day. cool on sunday. 6:19. angie goff keeping busy with traffic. >> good wednesday morning. we are turning on the red light now. not only are you dealing with slow goes, we also have new accidents to tell you about. overnight incidents to avoid. on the beltway, inner loop, crash activity causing drivers to slow down. outer loop delays from new hampshire to georgia. southbound onbw parkway, approaching annapolis, another wreck to watch for. in virginia, 267, eastbound,
6:20 am
moving on over to virginia. want to show you between buhl a road and wolf trap, we lose a couple of right lanes through the morning rush. you want to stay to the left to get by. seeing a jam on 267. notice red backed up to fairfax county parkway and imroag growing. downtown wires taking out arlington north cola avenue closed near hoyt. chevy chase, word of flooding conditions, standing water on arlington road. roadway closed between kenwood forest and bethesda avenue. downed trees on massachusetts avenue. you can't accused set 34th street. this is video we took earlier between 34th street and 34th place. big tree, going to be there some time. in the northeast, inbound rhode island avenue open between 4th and 12th. next traffic report at 6:25.
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more on the beltway accident. back to you. 6:20. coming up this morning, a new look at the crackdown on illegal immigration in prince georges county. and john wall on the bench for the wizards with a foot sprain. up next, who came up big in his place. [ man ] are you aware that verizon fios brings fiber optics to your home
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caw caw! [ director ]what is that? that's a horrible crow. here are some things that i'll make as little portals. honestly, i'd love to do this for the rest of my life
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so i've got to take care of my heart. for me, cheerios is a good place to start. [ male announcer ] got something you'll love to keep doing? take care of your heart. you can start with cheerios. the natural whole grain oats can help lower cholesterol. brrrbb... makes you feel ageless. [ male announcer ] it's time. love your heart so you can do what you love. cheerios. [ bob ] squak. sun will be up in about 20 minutes. you will see clear skies looking at future cast. temperatures by 9:00 mid-50s. winds howling. wind advisory in effect. 62 at noon. top off low to mid-60s this afternoon. wizards take on the celtics tonight. >> last night, gilbert arenas
6:25 am
had first start filling in for john wall. gilbert scored 20 points, one of four wid ardz in double digits. washington tops toronto. all the wizards wins have been at home. sugar rogers had a good night, 21 points. georgetown tops maryland. virginia tech and kansas state. 28-9 run in second half. hokies lose, 73-57. in foggo bottom, colonials, fell to boston university. tony taylor at 18 in the loss. 6:25. right now, a live look inside arlington north shall bishop carol high school in the district where they are busy. major service project gets under way today. a preview coming up. and up next, salvation army
6:26 am
cut else show up all over the place. learn why a grocery chain is limiting salvation army hours. 6:26. angie has a quick check of traffic. >> beltway between wisconsin and connecticut, still ahead in next report at 6:30, more weather related closures to avoid. stay with us.
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get selsun blue for itchy dry scalp. strong itch-fighters target scalp itch while 5 moisturizers leave hair healthy. selsun blue. got a clue? get the blue. we are back at 6:30. this is always the place to get your weather first. a live look at the capitol. congress held first session in 1800 in the partially completed capitol building back then. thanks for starting your day. mike hi deck. >> andrea roane. howard bernstein has the forecast. are the winds picking up? >> breezy in washington. winds pick up in a few hours. wind advisory goes into effect. last night, gusts 50 to 60 miles per hour. damage across the region. it will slow you this morning. angie coming up in a moment. let's start with the day planner this wednesday. sun out in about 15 minutes. 56 by 9:00. noon time, 62.
6:31 am
3:00, 64. 6:00, clear, 58. winds are west, 15 to 20. 25, gusting 30 to 40 miles per hour thanks to the storm system that pushed through. satellite and radar, it firmed up, pushed through north and east. boston being hammered now. for us, skies are clearing. wind advisory in effect at 9:00 to 4:00 p.m., mountains seeing gusts to 50. gusting 40 at oakland. angie goff, here is time saver traffic. good wednesday morning. giving traffic overall the red light because we have a lot of incidents and accidents we are dealing with. open up the door, show you live conditions on the outer loop. inner loop between wisconsin and connecticut avenue crash activity confirmed. live next from interstate 270, southbound trip now looks like approaching inner loop. crash to the right shoulder. main jam between father hurl ee
6:32 am
towards montrose road. going to real time graphics. southbound on bw parkway. another accident. good news, moving into virginia, eastbound dulles toll road, looks like they cleared the overpass repair going on between wolf trap and buela road. in virginia, arlington, north george mason drive remains shut between 16th and washington boulevard because of downed tree. still ahead in the next traffic report, montgomery more weather related closures. national weather service teams will be fanning out across the area. they want to find out if any tornados moved through last night. >> some of the worst damage from the storms up in baltimore. parkville hit hard in baltimore city and county. dozens forced out of homes. so far, no reports of injuries. >> and this is what it looked like awhile ago on massachusetts avenue.
6:33 am
a few blocks north of naval observatory. a huge tree in the road. one inbound lane is blocked. let's go to northeast washington. kristin fisher is live at brentwood shopping center looking at the damage there. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. i can't even begin to tell you how many people have come up to me this morning and asked did this area get hit by a tornado. it is a great question, but one that we are not going to know the answer to for quite some time. national weather service of course has to come out and make that determination. so way too soon to say if it was a tornado or not. what we do know, this area was hit by winds up to 50, 60 miles per hour. let me show you how bad it was. i mean, it was able, winds were strong enough to knock over several of these metal fences that are all here as part of construction. i can start to lift it up. but these are pretty heavy fences. to talk about damage here, if you look at the aj wright
6:34 am
behind me, you see part of the roof blown off. they were doing construction in the parking lot in front of that building. that construction site is in a state of -- really in bad shape this morning, just to the right of the aj wright, the brentwood post office. you can't see it now, but getting reports there are some severe structural damages inside that building. so that could impact mail delivery in the area heading into the later parts of the morning. now, walk with me over this way. i will show you some of the other bits of damage we are seeing in this parking lot. this home in particular was under renovation. nobody was inside at the time. you can see the roof blown off in parts. fire crews out here earlier, assessing damage. that's the bad news. there's a lot of that damage. but good news, rhode island avenue is back open in both directions. certainly that will help the morning commute heading into the heart of the morning rush.
6:35 am
back to you. a mess out here. >> sure looks like it. thank you. remember, whenever severe weather strikes, we are there for you. check out live interactive doppler on the weather page. 6:35. verdict in the trial over chandra levy's murder could come today. the jury gets the case against ingmar guandique at some point this morning. he admitted to attacking two other women at rock creek park in the past. a cell mate testified he admitted to killing chandra levy. prosecutors are relying on circumstantial evidence. they say physical evidence was destroyed in the year after she was killed and her remains discovered in 2002. a new study suggests prince georges county antiimmigration policy is effective. some see it as institutionalized intolerance. it requires police to check immigration status of everyone arrested and alerts federal immigration officials if they
6:36 am
are not here legally. researchers at university of virginia released a study, found the policy works. >> the drop in overall crime rate, violent crimes, 47% drop in aggravated assault, which the university of virginia has attributed to the implementation of the policy. >> prince georges county chairman cory stewart fights to make that policy statewide. 6:36. time for yourmoney. >> jessica is here to talk about the car of the year. >> that's right. every year motor trend lists car of the year as part of the magazine. for 2011, the honor goes to electric vehicle, the chevy volt. motor trend calls that a break through vehicle. the all electric car comes with backup gas engine to extend driving range. it was tirs shown -- first shown as concept car in 2007. they plan to sell 10,000 of them and expected to sell
6:37 am
quickly. they sticker at $41,000. if you want to get in on tomorrow's initial public offering of general motors, you may be too late. a source says the gm bankers stopped taking orders yesterday after essentially running out of shares to sell. reportedly being expanded by 31% to 478 million common shares. common price expected to be around $33 a share. and another chick-fil-a opening in the area. you know what that means. another chick-fil-a give away. new location in crystal city opened about 30 minutes ago. the company handed out about a hundred one year supplies of free chick-fil-a meals to waiting in line. they have been handing out free food ahead of the grand opening. >> my wife loves chick-fil-a. will be very happy. a sign of the holiday season. red kettles, bell ringers for salvation army.
6:38 am
>> apparently you won't see them as often in front of some stores. giant stores are limiting hours for the red kettles and bell ringers outside stores. new guidelines allow them to be there for six dates this months and six dates next month, and allowed just four hours each of those days. >> so many giants in the area, it affects us locally and regionally to greater aspect than it might if it were someone else. >> the salvation army says half of the 1.3 million dollars raised in last year's kettle campaign came from giant locations. giant says the new policy allows other charities to access shoppers during the holidays. 6:38. up next, howard has the wednesday forecast. and going to archbishop carol high school. students getting ready for a big project to feed those in need this thanksgiving. and tonight on channel 9 at 8, watch survivor nicaragua, at 9:00, criminal minds, followed
6:39 am
by the defenders. then join anita and der he can for 9 news at 11:00.
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welcome back. 6:43. i am working with mike hi deck. howard bernstein has been busy in the weather center. >> big storms last night. they are all gone. that's the good news. the problem today is wind and sustained winds. last night, winds gusting 50, 60 miles per hour. storms moving at 50 miles per hour. that provided enough focus of winds to give us damage in spots. that's definitely slowing you down. angie has more on that in two and a half minutes. let's get the day planner this wednesday morning. the bus stop forecast and day planner. breezy. sunshine out there. few clouds north and east. temperatures in the 50s. jacket weather this morning.
6:44 am
sunup at 6:53, setting at 4:53. 56 by 9:00. sunny skies. winds west sustained at 16. sustained near 20. gusts near 30, 35, maybe 40 during the afternoon. 62 degrees by noon. top off at 64. be down at 61. with clear skies at 5:00 p.m. storms packed a wal up. driving rains came through between 12:00 and 2:00 last night. boston getting the brunt of it. we have seen skies clear, stay cloudy in the mountains. 36 in oakland, 54 in frederick, 56 at national. annapolis, 57. right now, national checks in with partly cloudy skies. 56. winds south, southwest at 14. and barometer is rising quickly. if you're one of the folks sensitive to pressure changes,
6:45 am
it will be a painful day. pressure will rise quickly as the storm exits. southwest gusts to 20, 21 across southern maryland. shen in dough a valley, oakland, gusting near 40 miles per hour. that's the winds we will be dealing with during later morning, early afternoon. storm system pulling out of northeast. next weather maker in central part of the country. this clipper system quickly moves east. we will see this tomorrow with increase in clouds and maybe, just maybe a sprinkle. short term, saying good-bye to the storm system as it is quickly pulling away. lots of rain in new england. boston this morning will be delayed. west winds with us all day. skies have cleared. today, high around 64. tomorrow, 55, partly to mostly cloudy skies, and sprinkle. chilly friday, 52. heading towards the weekend, nice saturday. still going to maryland game, fedex for penn state, indiana
6:46 am
game. nice and 60. cooler, sunny and warmer monday. 6:45. >> time for time saver traffic. right now, giving everything the red light because we have a lot of incidents and accidents out there. take a one glance at the map. move it up to 270, that's where the trouble spot is outside. this is the crash activity trying to get towards the beltway. notice right shoulder only able to squeeze by. this is adding to the jam around father hurl ee, watching it grow. weather related problems. massachusetts avenue. one inbound lane of traffic getting by in northwest area or one inbound lane blocked at 34th street northwest and northeast, rhode island avenue inbound lanes closed, outbound lanes are clear. that's over between 4th and 12th street. also in silver springs, arlington north cola closed
6:47 am
between kendrick and hoyt because of downed wires. in potomac, northbound river road shut at perryville tree because of tree in roadway. 267, lanes back open, following overpass repairs. use hunter mill or trap road for an alternate route here. next traffic report at 6:59. a look at the 270 accident. back to you. 6:47. this morning, students of archbishop carol high school in northeast washington take on one of the largest thanksgiving service projects in our region. if not, maybe even the country. to tell us about it, we are joined by megan oh harris, service coordinator for will the school. this is a long-standing effort, isn't it? >> it is. it has been going on over 30 years. >> my understanding since 1951. this is a long time to do a service project. do you have any goals as you
6:48 am
try to help needy families? >> the need is great this year. we hope to raise at least 50,000 pounds. >> 50,000 pounds. what's taking place this morning. see a lot of students in the background. >> we have over 30 students here who are packing boxes for families. >> the goal is how many families? helping over 200? >> we are hoping about 150 families, but also donate to about 10 organizations in the region. >> where did all the food come from, and can viewers help with the effort? >> yes. we would love them to help. every tuesday and wednesday we take groups of students out to neighborhoods in the community, and give out these bags, drop them on people's door steps, ask they fill them by the following weekend. each saturday and sunday, we get groups of students to pick up the bags, bring it to weigh it and sort it. from there, donate to organizations or sort into
6:49 am
family boxes. >> if someone didn't get a bag, can they come to certain location to get one, drop food at locations? >> yes, if they want to come to archbishop carol, we would love them to drop off any type of donation. >> and how do they get out to the families? loaded up into a truck and are people helping you there with that service? >> actually on november 1st, we have families call in. so anybody that was looking for a box could call the school and we put them on a list to receive a box for thanksgiving. >> okay. megan o'hara, the service coordinator. if you would like to try to donate, stop by the school. they would like to take your donations. >> you know they have been there a couple of hours. great energy this early morning from them. 6:49. 56 degrees in northwest washington. >> a check of today's headlines before you go up next. good morning again. time for you to pick this
6:50 am
week's d.c..high school game of the week. cast your vote for game of the week. winning game leads coverage friday at 11:00. my "me time" is when i thought i parked on level 2.
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6:53. big storms are gone, sun is out. a windy day today. wind advisory 9:00 to 4:00. temperatures by noon, low 60s. topping off 64 and clear. 5:00, still around 61. chill tomorrow and friday, down in a few moments. thank you. 6:53 this wednesday morning. here is the news you need before you go. a big cleanup effort in northeast washington. last night's storms did this damage to homes and businesses
6:54 am
in brentwood area. luckily, no reports of injuries. jury deliberations begin in a few hours in murder trial of ingmar guandique. the person charged in the 2001 murder of d.c. intern chandra levy. defense attorneys say the case built on circumstantial evidence. airport security screeners in the spotlight on capitol hill. head of transportation security administration will testify before congress this morning about the security issues. 6:54. early show begins in about five minutes. >> right now,er kate middleton hill tells us what's coming up. >> reporter: mike and andres a, we are outside buckingham palace. all the world, not just london and the u.s. abuzz about the engagement of prince william and kate middleton. the royal engagement. we will look at not only who the couple is, how they got to this long awaited point and
6:55 am
what stands for the future. we will have more from royal insiders and interviews this morning so that we can all get planning for the wedding of the summer. that's all coming up on royal engagement, special edition of early show. >> wow. cool. one more traffic and weather check when we return.
6:56 am
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6:58 am
welcome back. 6:58. storms are gone. get ready for windy day. wind advisory 9:00 to 4:00 p.m. sprinkle possible, 55. cool friday, nice saturday. 270 southbound, sour spot right now. a lot of them out there. dealing with severe traffic out
6:59 am
there. approaching 495, that's where we had crash activity taking away the left lane and left shoulder, only letting left lane by. jammed still back towards 121. take you over to 197, closed both directions at laurel buoys. downed wires and tree in the roadway. another tree in arlington, george mason closed between 16th and washington. more weather related road closures at 7:25. meanwhile, find a whole list, and trust me, there's a list at now to wall street. looking higher after the big selloff yesterday. good news for us. >> early show up next. erica hill has more on the royal engagement and new ways to save money shopping online. see you tomorrow at 4:25. until then, have a grt


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